About Barefoot Funerals

Our philosophy is to allow families to reclaim the rightful control of the dying process and care of the deceased.  Dying and death is a  natural process. Most families are not even aware they can legally be involved in the care of their loved one.  We believe in the gentle honouring that is inherent in the dying process and in learning to embrace it as a natural part of life.

Barefoot Funerals is about choice.  We hope that we can use our knowledge, care and professionalism to guide you and your family through a kinder and gentler death experience.  We wish to set an example in how simple this process is, allowing you to focus on self-care and celebrating the life of your loved one.




A Family Business


Leonie started looking after the dying 28 years ago in San Francisco.  She worked with a team of nurses helping dying people record their stories and wishes and liaising with the family.  An Art Therapist, Registered Celebrant and home Funeral Director.  I have had some of the most beautiful experiences whilst working with dying people and their families.  A home death and celebration of life can be very healing.

Chucks' natural empathetic and professional way means that you receive honest and straightforward advice and support on all aspects of care.  He believes that everyone deserves affordable, gentle and dignified service.  

We create healing moments by reflecting,remembering and honoring a life lived.

We help create inspirational and affordable  funerals.  We tailor everything we do to support the family in saying goodbye in an authentic way.


We are located in Bellingen.  We provide service to Dorrigo, Bellingen, Urunga, Valla, Nambucca and Coffs Harbour.

Our Community
We live in a very diverse community with many services that allow for loved ones to be cared for at home.  We work with some great local people so you can feel safe and supported no matter your choices.  All our staff are local members of our community.



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