A coffin shape is tapered, with more room at the shoulder and a casket shape is oval.

Urns hold the ashes of our person, they can be made up of many different materials.  From scatter tubes to large ornate metal holders, to small intimate vessels.

We carry many different types of coffins and caskets, or they can be ordered specific to your  choices.

Often considered the most earth friendly is the woven coffins.  These woven wicker coffin or casket come if a variety of colours.

woven coffin with love notes
pine coffin.jpg

A pine coffin made in Australia with sustainable timber, 

cardboard coffin

This cardboard coffin is a sustainable funeral option with significantly less carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and oxides of nitrogen emissions than standard chipboard coffins.



Mdf coffins and caskets come in some beautiful colours

mdf coffin
mdf coffin
mdf coffin
plywood coffin
woven coffin


A shroud is a piece of fabric to wrap or swaddle your loved one in.  Shrouds are normally made with natural materials, therefore a more earth friendly option.  Can be used with or without a coffin for burial or cremation, dependent on the requirements of your local burial/cremation grounds.

Shrouds have been traced back to the 1350s in France, this practice was used by our ancestors. It invites a gentle attending that allows one to be fully present with the presence of death.

Flowers, crystals, messages, and loved ones keepsakes can be gently placed for their onward journey.

We would love to invite you in and weave your own, or one for your person.


A shroud bearer that is used to carry your person, made out of renewable pine, all Australian made

Loom to make your own shroud or for someone you love
shroud bearer.jpg