Cremation Services:

Many individuals choose cremation as a preferred funeral option, not only for cultural or religious reasons but because it is often a cheaper, more affordable funeral option.

A funeral ceremony can take place at your choice of venue, a chapel, a church, outdoors by the river or your home.

A member of our Barefoot Team will  bring your loved ones ashes back to you in person, usually within a week after the funeral service has taken place or will arrange with the cemetery for them to be interred in accordance with the family’s wishes.

Direct Cremation - bare cremation - no service cremation

An affordable option is Direct cremation.  We will transport your loved one from home/hospital/nursing home and take them to the mortuary. They are cared for in the gentlest and most respectful manner possible.  After cremation, we will arrange for you to take the ashes into your care. There is no service or family attendance with a direct cremation.


Service with Cremation - with or without a viewing

You can have a service where the coffin is in place, then your loved one is taken to the crematorium and we arrange for the ashes to be returned into your care.  Services can be at home, the chapel, church or outdoors.

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Burial Service:

Burial as a funeral option is still preferred by many individuals and families. As a guide, a burial may cost between $3,000-$10,000, taking into account what cemetery is used and if a reserved grave already exists. 

Burial:  Did you know that in Bellingen and surrounds you can be buried in a shroud? Application goes to the local council and they forward this to the health department.  A shroud is like a sheet that wraps around the body and is used to help lower into the ground.  We also have a range of eco friendly coffins.

Memorial Service:

Similar to a funeral, a memorial service is another way that you can celebrate the life of your loved one.

The only difference is that there is no body or coffin present at the ceremony. It also allows for more flexibility as the Memorial Service can then be held anywhere.

Choices include venues such as a Church, Community Hall, Restaurant, Sporting Club, Hotel, a beautiful Park or Garden or even at your House if that would be appropriate.

It can take place a few days or a couple of weeks/months after the death of a loved one.

If you would like to arrange a Memorial Service to celebrate the life of someone who has passed, please contact us at Barefoot Funerals.

Our experienced team are here to assist at any time.

Copy of LOGO barefoot funerals transpere
Copy of LOGO barefoot funerals transpere

Your Choice Of Funeral and Home Care

  There is a lot to think about when your loved one dies, from different casket styles, burial or cremation, funeral service or not and the necessary legal paperwork. We are happy to advise and guide you through this process.  

Some things to consider;

  • Cremation with a service in a chapel/church or at home/direct cremation (no funeral service)

  • Burial

  • Traditional service/Church service

  • Home Funerals

  • Memorials

  • Death Rites

  • A range of earth friendly caskets / coffins / scattering tubes and urns

  • Caskets and Coffins

  • Death Certificate /  legal paperwork

  • Order of Service booklets

  • Newspaper memorial

  • Flower arrangements

  • Viewings

  • Bedside Vigils

  • Doula Service

  • Telling the story - we have available a digital expert who can make video or photo books

  • Shrouds and Urns

  • Internment of Ashes

  • Pre Planning

  • Living Wake - This is where you celebrate your life with loved ones before death

Dying at home support

We also support families who have loved ones that wish to pass from this life at home.  Companioning someone who is dying is a choice not too many people know they have.  We support and advocate for the family and your loved one.  If all you need is respite, we can arrange this as well.  We can support and help guide your choices.  Caring for your loved one after death is also possible.  We guide you to wash, dress and honor the person you love.


Gathering elements that were important to your person to decorate a vigil space can be important.
A woven wicker coffin for little ones.

Babies and Children

Your childs' funeral or memorial is your final, tender act of parenting.  This time of immense grief  can be challenging.  Having loved ones/community support is important.  We offer all types of assistance with gentle care during this time.  Please contact us about our special gentle packages.   

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Did you know we can take an imprint from your beloved person and send it to Love me Always to have a pendant made.

Fingerprint jewelery can be a beautiful reminder of your person
Death Certificates


We arrange and lodge all paperwork with the NSW department of Births, Deaths and Marriages.  The death certificate will be posted directly to you.

We can help place an add in a local paper or place it in local facebook groups depending upon your wishes.
Family Led Funerals
You may want to choose to arrange the funeral yourself.  This can be a very beautiful choice.  We are committed to supporting families in this, and would be happy to offer assistance.  Our products and services can be broken down into a 'per item' cost.  We have a lovely range of eco caskets made from willow and seagrass, a range of home made wooden coffins and lovely natural fabric for shrouds. 
After Care
We create time and space 


We have a range of reading materials and resources and can refer you to one of many local services to give courage and support.  We also do follow up support personally with you for as long as you need.

These brightly coloured ceramic memorial pots have been created to cherish positive memories bringing life to the sadness of death.  For wholesale enquiries please contact us.

Locally handmade Urn for ashes of your loved one.
Locally handmade Urns for ashes.