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We Support and Educate to have the end of life as special as the beginning.

We are passionate about teaching others to care for their loved ones at home and here’s why. For whatever reason, our society seems to insist on keeping discussions about death at arm’s length, when fact is, it is going to happen at sometime to everyone.

Lately I have been hearing a lot of talk regarding ‘aging’ as a state of mind. But regardless of our state of mind, death eventually comes for all of us. To really know and understand this, we have to have open, realistic conversations about end of life care. Whether this happens in a palliative care setting, a hospital, aged care facility or at home. Sometimes it’s expected, others times unexpected. I believe a balanced life includes embracing and understanding death. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone, it is a gift. All we truly have is this one breath.

During the two days we spend together we will unwrap our own beliefs about death. All beliefs are accepted without judgement. This course is not designed to make you believe in God, Great Spirit or anything else. It is a practical look at different aspects of life and our own views on death. We will cover the legalities of dying at home, keeping the body at home, different rituals that can be practised along the way, such as, washing, shrouding, Eco friendly coffins and doing a practice of a home funeral.

My personal experience has taught me that consciously embracing the dying process of our loved ones leaves us with more of a sense of peace, regardless of your relationship. Facing the end of life of someone you love can be a very challenging and distressing time. There are so many things to plan, understand and face. You might need to navigate the health care system, knowing and understanding choices and legalities is a practical way of being supportive.

Death Doulas help navigate all these processes. They can help make the road ahead intimate, sacred and a very rich experience.

We don’t need the traditional version of a funeral parlour, where death is often handled behind closed doors, exclusive of family participation.

We support and educate to have the end of life as special as the beginning. After everything is said and done these doorways that we enter and leave through are all part of this life.

Educate and advocate

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